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Leather Conference Folder

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The folder allows for extensive customization, including font options for engraving, adjustable binder types and sizes, and the addition or removal of handles, pockets, and slots.

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• Engraving allows for the use of a wide range of fonts, offering endless customization possibilities.

• The addition or removal of handles provides flexibility in carrying and transporting the folder.

• The option to include or exclude a binder and clip offers versatile organizational capabilities.

• The 3-ring binder can be substituted with either a 2-ring or 4-ring binder to suit specific needs.

• The 1-inch binder can be upgraded to a 1.5-inch or 2-inch binder, accommodating larger document capacities.

• The portfolio size can be adjusted to junior size, legal size, or even personalized to a custom size.

• The inclusion or removal of pockets, pen slots, card slots, etc., ensures tailored functionality.

• Alternative materials or colors of leather can be selected, although additional time is required as it is not suitable for urgent orders.

• Unexpected changes or unique requests can be accommodated to meet individual preferences.

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