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Business Portfolio

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Customizable Leather Folder: Engrave anywhere, flexible font options, adjustable handles, removable binder/clip, various ring sizes, customizable size (including A4), modular interior, material/color options, and tailored customizations.

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★ Custom Engraving: Engraving can be done anywhere in the folder.

★ Font Flexibility: Any font can be used for engraving.

★ Adjustable Handles: Handles can be added or removed according to preference.

★ Versatile Binder and Clip: Binder and clip can be added or removed based on needs.

★ Ring Binder Options: The 3-ring binder can be replaced with a 2-ring or 4-ring alternative.

★ Binder Size Variation: Replace the 1-inch binder with 1.5-inch or 2-inch sizes.

★ Flexible Portfolio Size: Customize the portfolio size to junior, legal, or a custom size.

★ Modular Interior: Add or remove pockets, pen slots, card slots, etc. to suit your requirements.

★ Material and Color Options: Explore other materials or colors of leather (additional time required, not suitable for urgent orders).

★ Tailored Customizations: Accommodate any other unexpected changes or modifications based on your specific needs.

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