Warrenty - Human Fit Craft


Maintenance Services

Human Fit provide warrenty in all range of product wheares it does not cover accidental demage, unreasonable or improper use, normal wear and tear, improper handling or demages caused by a common carrier. We recomend the product to be use in normal condtion for which they are degines. Human Fit also provide repair and matiances servcies throughtout the life of proudct to prserve the value. We facilites with colouring and clearing saerviceds and strictly recomondation to colur goods and garments once in year or as soon colour starts to fade out. Colouruing gives addtional life to product.

Hand Crafted in nepal

Our Products are built by leather excerpts with extreme attention to detail, and are handcrafted by Nepalese's artisans and craftspeople.

Current Affairs

Committed to excellence compassion, and love to be passed forward for generations. 100% Guarantee for Life in leather and 2 Years Warranty in Repair and Maintenance- Human Fit Craft.