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Online Shopping From Human Fit Craft’s Website

Jan 22,2020

Online Shopping From Human Fit Craft’s Website

Online purchase of goods and services has seen the formation of many multi-billion dollar companies in the world today. Alibaba, Amazon, e-Bay, Flipkart etc are some of the household names in the e-commerce business. These sites have garnered a huge following all over the world.

With Alibaba buying a stake in Daraz, the latter being one of the most renowned e-commerce platform in Nepal, online shopping is gaining more popularity in our country every day. The effect of e-commerce businesses can be seen in Nepal with the popularity and quantity of online businesses like Foodmandu, Hamro Bazaar, FoodMario, Daraaz etc growing day by day. Moreover, the formation of payment gateways like e-Sewa and Khalti have also made the process of online buying in Nepal easier.

In short, the process of purchasing from our website includes the following steps:

  • Go to the website and choose your product by browsing through the categories and sub-categories available. Select from the size and product options available and add the product to cart.
  • Go to My Cart, specify the quantity of the product and click on checkout.
  • Sign-up or sign-in to your account using Facebook or Gmail.
  • Provide Billing address, Shipping address, and Shipping method.
  • Now, you will be directed to the order summary page where you will be shown the total cost of your product. Here, you can also apply coupon codes to claim discounts if you have any.
  • Select the payment option(e-Sewa, Khalti or Cash on delivery) and proceed. Completing this step confirms your transaction.