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For Him, Accessories, Men's Wallets

Bi-fold Note Case

Rs 1200.00

Rs 1200.00

For Him, Accessories, Men's Wallets

Passport Holder Wallet

Colour: ACC-2205-black
Rs 1300.00

Rs 1300.00

Rs 2500.00

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q) What is the typical time needed for delivery of product?

 A)Depending on your location we deliver products within 7 days. 

 Q) To which location(s) can the products be delivered?

 A) All over Nepal.

 Q)What are the various payment options available?

 A)e-Sewa, Khalti, Cash on Delivery(Applies inside Kathmandu Valley).

 Q) Is there any return policy available on the products?

 A) Available on damaged goods and if fake leather is verified. 

 Q) Where is your store located for visits? 

 A)Jamal and Chettrapati, Kathmandu