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For Him, Wearable, Men's Leather Jackets

Racer Jacket

Colour: Brown, Size: M
Rs 15000.00

Rs 15000.00

For Him, Accessories, Men's Wallets

Passport Cover

Colour: ACC-2197-black
Rs 850.00

Rs 850.00

For Him, Bag, Men's Duffle Bag, For Travel, Travel Bag, Duffel Bags

Duffel Bag

Rs 8500.00

Rs 8500.00

Accessories, For Him, For Business, Laptop Accessories

Premium Laptop Bag

Colour: 1029-brown
Rs 6750.00

Rs 20250.00

Belts, For Him, Accessories

Coral Leather Belt ACC3016

Colour: Black, Belt Size: S
Rs 1125.00

Rs 1125.00

For Her, Women's Accessories, Purse and Clutches

Ladies Wallet

Rs 2500.00

Rs 2500.00

Belts, For Him, Accessories

Coral Leather Belt ACC3016

Colour: Black, Belt Size: XL
Rs 1125.00

Rs 1125.00

Rs 49350.00

We have a list of very good hotels below. These hotels are known for their hospitality, value for the cost and are highly recommended by previous guests.


Men's Wallet

The best in class, five star hotel located at medieval Kathmandu valley,  housed in one of the city center's historical buildings, a home away from your home, Hotel Sangrila never disappoints you.


Women's Wallet

The best in class, five star hotel located at medieval Kathmandu valley,  housed in one of the city center's historical buildings, a home away from your home, Hotel Sangrila never disappoints you.

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Raw materials for our leather-based products are 100% pure leather, high quality threads and others.

Genuine Leather 


An investment on our product is investment for the lifetime without a day of regret.

Lifetime Warranty 


Life long maintenance service One time color service free.

after sale service