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For Him, Accessories, Men's Wallets

Bi-fold Note Case

Rs 1200.00

Rs 1200.00

For Him, Accessories, Men's Wallets

Passport Holder Wallet

Colour: ACC-2205-black
Rs 1300.00

Rs 1300.00

Rs 2500.00

human fit craft

About Us

Humanfit is a high luxury brand that specializes in leather products,shirting and suiting. Established in the 1980s, Humanfit has already served more than fifty thousand customers and have provided employment opportunities to more than 100 indirectly or directly.The company aims to continue its endeavour for timeless design, quality, craftsmanship and luxury all the while catering to the ever changing needs of their customers.

human fit craft

Mission Statement

The HumanFit team values creativity, comfort and craftsmanship. We aim to create timeless products that will last and be relevant for a long time, both in style and use.

Vision Statement

HumanFit aims to build into it’s pioneer status and bring in meaningful innovation to the fashion industry in Nepal.

human fit craft

Company Background

Human Fit was established by Mr. Bir Mani Bajracharya in the early 1980’s. Before the establishment of humanfit, Bir Mani Bajracharya was in the shirting and suiting industry as a tailor for more than a decade.

Originally from Bhaktapur, he feels nostalgic when he remembers walking all the way from Thimi to Newroad, Kathmandu to work every day. With a vision of bringing something new and change the clothing industry in Nepal, he partnered with one of his friends and started their own shirting and suiting business.

A humble yet incredible beginning, HumanFit was one of the first homegrown company to produce leather jackets in Nepal. In 1983, during the "Second National Industrial Exhibition” they got an opportunity to participate and make leather jackets commissioned by HMG Bansbari Leather Shoes Factory. They made 7 leather jackets for the exhibition with very little experience in handling the material, relying only on their craftsmanship and their skills of creating a dress with perfect fit and finish. The product was so well taken and loved by the exhibition organizers that they were awarded with a gold medal from The Late King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah himself.

This achievement encouraged the HumanFit team to add leather products into their subsequent production lines.

However, unfortunately, his other partners weren’t keen on venturing into adding leather products to their product line and thus decided to part their ways. Despite the setback, because of his newfound passion for leather products, Mr.Bajracharya started this journey alone. He started by repairing leather wears for the international client inside the country and soon got a huge influx of national and international clients that liked HumanFit’s craftsmanship and emphasis on quality.

Throughout the years, HumanFit has focused on design, craftsmanship and quality finish. Its endeavor has also been recognized and celebrated in national and international platforms. HumanFit was been awarded “Best Production Award” from CSIDB (Cottage and Small Scale Industry Development Board) in 1988. HumanFit has been featured in many international trade fairs representing Nepal and Nepali craftsmanship in cities like in Dubai, Atlanta, New Orleans and Chennai.

HumanFit has now grown into becoming successful business venture of the Bajracharya Family. The passion for craftsmanship runs down the Bajracharya family. His two sons- Bipin and Bickey Bajracharya have joined their father to become part of this family legacy. It’s been 15 years since the brothers have embarked on their journey and they hope this tradition to continue down the family line as well.

“Following the footsteps of our father,we never compromise with quality. Quality and finish comes first, profit second,” says Bipin Bajracharya.

The company aims to continue its endeavour for timeless design, quality, craftsmanship and luxury all the while catering to the ever changing needs of their customers. This forward push needs to be reflected in our branding, our new line of products and our message to our loyal and new customers. Thus we are unveiling a new logo of HumanFit alongside our new line of design in our product line.






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