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For Him, Accessories, Men's Wallets

Bi-fold Note Case

Rs 1200.00

Rs 1200.00

For Him, Accessories, Men's Wallets

Passport Holder Wallet

Colour: ACC-2205-black
Rs 1300.00

Rs 1300.00

Rs 2500.00

human fit craft

for quality leather products

Our job is to satisfy every individuals with our skills and technique. We accept any kinds of work related to our production line. Some comes with covers, some with tools whatever possible we entertain them with our knowledge and skills. We also promote using raw materials produced in Nepal to help increase the economy of the country. Running industries is a tough and challenging job in Nepal because of raw materials, skill, manpower, technology and their availability. Being a small country, the marketplace is so small which creates difficulties in specializing in a certain product.

So, we are doing our best to run a marketplace for goods made in Nepal by utilizing locally available resources and manpower. We specialize in garments as every customer have their own choice in fashion wear so we focus on custom order service in garments product where everybody can choose design, color, size and quality of leather. Our professional skills make us possible to be well known leather garments producer in country. Quality and durability is main concern of our production. As leather is an valuable raw material so everyone should be concern about the quality while producing leather products.

We offer our customer with one year warranty in our products in Nepal. About hardware we try to use much better quality we can find which helps to give long lasting service to our products and satisfy our consumer using our products. We hire uneducated men and women, help them to develop the skills and provide them with jobs. We focus on developing the skills of women in our country and making them able to support their family. 60 people are working directly in our company and hundreds are indirectly working for us. We are helping them to run their daily life cycle by creating works.

human fit craft






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